New! Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus
By doctormendoza
March 28, 2012
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Half of all Americans are infected with toenail fungus by the age of 70.This condition not only poses a cosmetic issue, causing nail discoloration and deformity, but also can have a serious impact on quality of life, causing pain while walking and creating a social stigma that can inhibit routine activities, such as wearing open toed shoes. 


The good news is that Dr. Daniel Mendoza at Mendoza Foot and Ankle Center is the the first podiatrist in Nashville, TN to offer treatment of patients’ toenail fungus with GenesisPlus, a new noninvasive laser system that is an effective solution without side effects.  


GenesisPlus is a new approach to treating nail fungus that puts patients’ safety and comfort first. The system, designed by Cutera in the San Francisco Bay area, applies laser energy to the nail plate and surrounding tissue. The laser light gradually heats the fungus and promotes the growth of healthy, clear nails.  Following the procedure, the nail becomes clearer and healthier-looking as it grows out. 


Traditional approaches to treating nail fungus are largely limited to oral drugs that are associated with adverse side effects and prescription topicals and home remedies that have not been proven effective. Despite limitations associated with these approaches, however, it is estimated that Americans currently spend about $2.1 billion annually on treating nail fungus with prescription drugs alone.



Given the serious emotional, social and financial impact of nail fungus, I believe your audience would be interested in learning more about the causes and symptoms of this condition and the treatment options provided by the GenesisPlus laser system. 


Please let us know if you are interested in  a free consultation and speaking with Dr. Mendoza.


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