Don’t wear flip-flops that can fold in half!
August 08, 2014
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Are your feet starting to hurt from all of your fun summer adventures? Could it be caused by your beloved pair of flip-flops that you haven’t taken off all season? We’re all guilty of it – wearing those inexpensive, slip-on sandals all summer long. And of course our favorites are the cheapest ones that can be folded in half with one finger!

If you tend to overuse flip-flops (…or wear them all day everyday), the lack of arch support and shock absorption can lead to plantar fasciitis, cause bunions and bunionettes to progress more rapidly, and tendonitis and hammertoes in your toes from over-gripping.

If you’re starting to experience foot pain (or already have been having it!) it may be time to try some sandals with arch support such as vionic, chaco, or Birkenstock.

If you think you are suffering from one or more of the ailments, call our office today at 615-452-8899 or click here to schedule an appointment!