Calcaneal Apophysitis
September 14, 2015
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Does your child complain of pain in the heels? Calcaneal Apophysitis may be their problem!

A common childhood complaint can be pain in the back or bottom of the heel, and it usually affects eight to fourteen year olds.  As opposed to plantar fasciitis, pediatric heel pain usually is not most painful in the mornings, and walking and running typically make the pain worse.  The most common cause is calcaneal apophysitis which is inflammation of the heel’s growth plate – it can occur in one or both feet.  The inflammation can be caused by muscle strain and repetitive stress from physical activity.  It is important to see your podiatrist to make sure the pain is not caused by a stress fracture.

Treatment of pediatric heel pain depends on the diagnosis and severity of the pain.  For mild cases, a reduction in activity or cushion in the heel will be all that is needed.  Custom orthotics may be recommended to help properly support the foot as well.  It is advised to choose well-constructed and supportive shoes to help prevent pediatric heel pain.

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