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January 15, 2016
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Have you been experiencing pain, numbness, or tingling in the ball of your foot? Have you had the feeling that your sock is bunched up inside your shoe? Or have you even felt a clicking towards your toes?  You may have a Morton’s Neuroma.

A Morton’s Neuroma is the thickening of the nerve between the third and fourth metatarsals.  It is caused by compression (such as wearing shoes with a tapered toe box) and irritation of the nerve.  This causes the nerve to swell and become irritated.  People with certain foot deformities, such as bunions and hammertoes, are at a higher risk for developing neuromas due to the pressure at the ball of the foot.

Icing, anti-inflammatories, and steroid injections are commonly used to avoid surgically removing the enlarged nerve when possible.  Dr. Mendoza will work with you to develop the best treatment option for your neuroma. Click here or call our office at 615-452-8899 to schedule your appointment today!